Think you have what it takes to win? Think you can handle the heat?

Stand a chance to walk away with STAYCATION for 2. With limited seats available, reserve your spot now! Compete with fellow contenders and be the last one standing after 4 rounds of gruelling spicy eating challenge.

Start with devouring your packet of fish skin loaded with MOFO Gunpowder and finish face to face with the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper.

SHINE Festival
4 & 5 August 2018
Singapore Sports Hub, OCBC Arena

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Embark on Your Spicy Journey


Spicy condiments like no other! 

As featured on Channel News Asia, Mediacorp Channel 8, and many more.

Halal and vegetarian-friendly and so versatile yet it does not change the taste of your food!


A taste so special, you will love each and every biteful of our chilis!

Feel the burn only 3-5 seconds after you have eaten it and feel it disappear 10 seconds later!

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MOFO CHILI is founded by two sisters, Monica and Foi. The name MOFO is created as a fusion of both their names.

The idea behind MOFO CHILI is to have a spicy condiment, which is versatile and suitable for cooking, marinating and dipping, without changing the taste of your dish. Not to mention, MOFO CHILI is also halal and vegetarian friendly!

MOFO CHILI currently has three products:
- DODGE THE BULLET (level 5)
- MOFO GUNPOWDER (chili powder level 7)

Final Destination is a smoldering choice for the fearless. Pick me if you are borderline insane and/or if you want a chili condiment to cook with.

Dodge the Bullet provides that tinge of fire that you need. Pick me if you want a chili condiment to dip into.

MOFO Gunpowder is for chili lovers on the go. Sprinkle some of the chili powder onto your bowl of ramen, piping hot pizza or even that bowl of fish ball noodle!



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Monica (MO of MOFO)

Monica's friends were the inspiration behind the start of MOFO CHILI. But she knew nothing much about cooking and most definitely not about cooking CHILIS. Hence, the partnership with sister and now partner, Foi, in coming up with more exploding spicy products!

Foi (FO of MOFO)

Unlike others available in the market, MOFO CHILI is a recipe created by Foi, who has a commendable passion for cooking. She perfected the recipe after countless trials and errors and MOFO CHILI is proud to share this with the world.